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December/January 2000      Volume 4, Number 6
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Editor's Welcome

Editor's Welcome

Welcome to the December/January issue of MBO. If you are a regular reader of Muzzle Blasts, you are familiar with Al Raychard. Al gives some insight into traveling while hunting in this issue. Eric Bye shares some extensive research into the life of Simeon Cobb, as well as some hints on how to conduct research of your own.

Tom Schiffer reviews a book on collecting gunpowder kegs. Don Depew offers some relief to older eyes with instructions on how to make your own pin-hole diopter shooting glasses. And Roger Needham shares the secret to making soap. Another something-for-everyone issue we think you'll enjoy.

If you're looking for that last minute gift, an NMLRA membership is always a hit. Check out the membership application on the NMLRA website ( Have a safe holiday season--and be good to each other

Terri Trowbridge

Director of Publications.

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