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June/July 1999      Volume 4, Number 3
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1999 Gunmakers Hall Giveaway

You could own this custom-made rifle and accoutrements offered by Gunmakers Hall of the NMLRA!

Click on image for enlarged view.
It’s that time of year again, to give you, the readers of Muzzle Blasts, an opportunity to be a part of this year’s Gunmakers Hall Committee of the NMLRA give-away program. A full color photo of this year’s offerings is on the cover of this month’s magazine. I would like to step back a moment and inform you of last year’s winners: the rifle was won by Harvey Giffin from Reynoldsburg, Ohio; the hunting pouch and horn were won by Homer and Sally Taylor of Debden, Saskatchewan, Canada; and the hunting knife with quilled sheath was won by Tammy Lannom from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. This committee wishes to congratulate these winners and to thank everyone for their support and donations.

Gunmakers Hall Committee is again very proud to announce the following array of wonderfully crafted prizes made and donated by some of this country’s most talented craftsmen.

First Place winner will receive an expertly hand-crafted Golden Age American Flintlock longrifle by long time maker Homer Dangler, of Addison, Michigan. This rifle features raised carving on a highly figured curly maple stock, wooden patch box lid, and appropriate brass hardware with engraving. It is a reproduction of a J.P. Beck rifle of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

Second place winner will take home a handsome and unique hand stitched hunting pouch made of buffalo with a badger-pelt flap made by Rick Bruner of Jenison, Michigan. To complete this package is a generous F & I period-style, aged and scrimshawed powder horn created by Mark Odle from Reedy, West Virginia, mounted with a woven strap made by Curt & Paula Hoagland of The Sign of the Fish from Hillsboro, Indiana.

Third place winner will acquire an exceptional hand-forged 18th century-styled rifleman’s knife with antler handles constructed by Don Broughton from Floyds Knobs, Indiana, along with a hand-crafted and aged scabbard also made by Don.

There you have it; Gunmakers Hall Committee has again assembled a fine collection of prizes for your pleasure. We want to express our utmost appreciation to these contributors for their generosity, and to you for your continuing financial support for our educational programs and building fund.

(Online readers please follow this link for tickets: Tickets)
You will find twelve tickets for your use. You may use these or photocopy the page (please do not enlarge or reduce in size) and fill in the information requested on as many tickets as you wish to submit. Tickets can be obtained free of charge, but we would greatly appreciate your donations of $2.00 per ticket, or three tickets for $5.00 with no limit in these increments. The drawing for this fantastic rifle and accoutrements will be September 18th, 1999, on the back porch of Gunmakers Hall at Friendship, Indiana. You do not have to be present to win, and winner will be notified by phone immediately after the drawing.

Please send tickets and donations to Ron Ehlert, Rifle Giveaway Chairman, 1066 New Sheboss Road, Duck River, Tennessee 38454. This offer not valid where prohibited by law. Thank you so much for you support through your donations.

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Rifle Specifications:

Lock: Walter Cain Flintlock (donated by Walter Cain)

Stock: Fullstock Curly Maple (supplied by Homer Dangler)

Barrel: Colerain swamped octagon, .54 caliber, 42 inches long (donated by Vernon C. Davis & Co.)

Trigger: Single set (donated by Walter Cain)

Length of pull: 13 3/4 inches

Overall Length: 58 inches

Weight: 8 1/4 pounds

Cover and article photography by R. Lambert Studio, Nashville, Tennessee.

Copyright © 1999,

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