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June/July 1998      Volume 3, Number 3
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Welcome to the June/July 1998 issue of Muzzle Blasts Online. Ever wonder about those mysterious Schuetzen matches? In this issue Schuetzen Meister Tom Schiffer gives insight into the world of Schuetzen shooting. Shawnee Teter takes you on a High Plains Jaunt with her family. Shawnee is a young aspiring writer. She enjoys rendezvous, outdoor activities, and her horse, Baasil.

Curt Johnson shares information on J.A. Maltby, one of the Illinois gunmakers featured at the NMLRA Museum June 13-20, 1998, during the National Championship Shoot in Friendship, Indiana. I hope you get a chance to tour the museum for this excellent showing of Illinois gunmakers.

John Woolfolk gives a few pointers on avoiding accuracy problems. Susan Jennys, who is always a good source of good sources, gives her thoughts on a new book by Matt Richards--Deerskins into Buckskins--How To Tan With Natural Materials.

William Rundorff rounds out our issue In Pursuit of Experimental Archeology. I hope you enjoy this issue. Have a great time shooting this summer. See you next month.


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