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August/September 1997      Volume 2, Number 4
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Editor's Welcome

Welcome to the August/September issue of Muzzle Blasts Online. On our cover this month is the artistic talent of Lee Teter. An article about Mr. Teter and more of his artwork are included in this issue.

Much has happened since the last issue--the new directors have assumed their seats; three new members of the Executive Committee have been elected; the 1997 Black Powder Hall of Fame winner has been announced; and the Field Rep of the Year has been awarded. You can read all about these changes and more in this issue. Also in this issue, Fred Stutzenberger makes confessions of being a ``Sideplate Junkie''--and as always, gives helpful tips and hints on gunmaking for the hobbyist. Phil Orem relays a few ``Shooting Tips.'' We hope you will enjoy the articles we have selected for you this month. We invite you to attend the NMLRA Family Fun Shoot August 16-17, 1997, as well as the NMLRA Fall National Shoot, September 13-21, 1997.

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