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January 1997      Volume 2, Number 1
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Hello and welcome to this issue of Muzzle Blasts Online (MBO), the e-zine version of Muzzle Blasts, the official publication of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association (NMLRA). Muzzle Blasts, the paper version, is an 80 page monthly; a membership benefit of the NMLRA.

Our Muzzle Blasts Online e-zine contains original articles as well as some that were previously published in the paper version. As you can imagine, there is quite a diversity of interest among our members. Obviously, many like building and shooting muzzleloaders. Another large segment enjoys participating in the pre 1840 fur trapping mountainman rendezvous. With each issue, we try to meet some of these interests. When you combine this issue with the back issues, available here through the back issue index, you will see what I mean.

A relatively recent NMLRA membership survey verified this diversity of member interest. At the same time, it showed that almost everyone enjoys ``how to'' articles. Because of this, we are especially happy to welcome Fred Stutzenberger to this issue. He is one of our favorite ``how to'' authors. Reading his articles makes you want to go right out to the shop and get to work!

I suspect that many of you have plenty of venison in your freezers by now. With that in mind, we have presented ``Elegant Venison'' by Harold Webster, Jr. And since Harold is also the author of ``The Complete Venison Cookbook,'' we have included a review of that book by N.T. Adams. Adams is known to be skeptical of the complete anything, so you should read the review to see what he thought of Harold's book.

Many NMLRA members experience cabin fever about this time of year, so the NMLRA will be holding postal matches. This will let them get out to do a little shooting before our 450 Charter Clubs get geared up for their regular seasons. We've included a story about the postal matches so you can see what we're talking about. They are one of the membership benefits of the NMLRA.

Something new and interesting is always happening in this dynamic sport, so we like to include our column, ``Muzzleloading News.'' This column contains information from our Charter Clubs or from other organizations such as the North-South Skirmish Association. We also usually add press releases from manufacturers.

MBO is published every couple months with no strict schedule. We are always in need of articles and if you are interested in contributing, send us e-mail and ask for the ``writer's guidelines.'' Take a look around the site, and I'll meet you back here in a couple months.

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