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September 1996      Volume 1, Number 3
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A Message from the editor.
Welcome to volume one, issue three of Muzzle Blasts Online. We have a well rounded selection of articles for your enjoyment.

Our lead story, "Frontiersman Odyssey, The Cresaps of Maryland," is written by Lt. Col. Vaughn K. Goodwin. Vaughn was president of the NMLRA during 1971-74 and "The Cresaps of Maryland" is the last article in his Frontiersman Odyssey series a series that spans 13 years in Muzzle Blasts Magazine.

"Showing off the Slug Gun" by Judie Stutz whets your appitite for this type of gun and is an invitation to come to Friendship during the National Shoot in September and view the slug gun display in our museum. You will also be able to watch slug gun competition on the Walter Cline National Range.

Keith "Wolf Breath" McClenahan has written a description of next year's NMLRA Pacific National Primitive Rendezvous. If you're wondering just what it's like to attend a national rendezvous, this article will give you a taste of the action and an address where you can get your questions answered.

With so much attention focused on fancy Kentucky and Pennsylvania rifles with elaborate brass and silver furniture, Ray McKnight's article on "A Plain Southern Longrifle" reminds us that many a common man carried a common rifle.

We round out this issue with "Muzzleloading News." This is composed from manufacturer's press releases on new items and announcements from other muzzleloading organizations regarding coming events.

Together, these offerings will give you a sense of the type of subjects that interest members of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. If they interest you too, then call us at (800) 745-1493 for membership information, or e-mail us through this web site. If you want us to mail you something, don't forget your snail mail address.

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