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Aug 1999/Sep 1999 Volume 4, Number 4

Web Blasts
Kit Carson Mountain Men. Check out this club in SE Colorado. Their website has lots of pictures and rendezvous dates, including the Kit Carson Rendezvous June 18-20, 1999. It makes me wish I still lived in Colorado!
Society of Friends Fort Osage, Sibley, MO. Fort Osage was the second U.S. outpost built in the Louisiana Purchase. Check out this great website with a very interesting history section, a calendar of events, and much more. This is a very fine site.
"Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) offers weekend skills clinics to women throughout North America. Explore our pages and discover what's waiting in the great outdoors!" This isn't a run-of-the-mill site. I recommend that all women interested in getting away from it all check it out!
The Black Powder Journal. "An electronic magazine for the Black Powder enthusiast. Only available on line, not at the news stand. Totally Free, No Cost, No Subscription." Check it out for some great articles ranging from history to firearms tests.
An exhibit of maps and navigational instruments on view in the Tracy W. McGregor room, Alderman Library, University of Virginia. This is a very well done site on the early exploration of the Americas. Historical information and downloadable maps abound. It is quite fascinating to see how misguided the early explorers were.
The Museum of the Mountain Man, Pinedale, Wyoming. "The Museum presents a visual and interpretative experience into the romantic era of the Mountain man..." Highlighting the museum's summer events is the Green River Rendezvous. Check out this site for a calendar of events and more information.
The Kentucky Stations and Settlement. There aren't any bells and whistles, but there is a tremendous amount of history on this site. Anyone interested in the settlement of Kentucky should check it out.
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook. "This web site is best viewed with your ears! Over 500 traditional tunes in General Midi format...Scottish Irish, Welsh, English, and some from "the Colonies" I highly recommend this site! Well done, Barry!
Lewis Wetzel: Warfare Tactics On the Frontier. Check out this great site on the grisly fighting tactics of Wetzel and others. There are many interesting stories including information on how the old timers made their flintlocks self-priming.
Mitchell K. Smith's blacksmith product line includes items from the 18th Century like iron candleholders, iron chandeliers, fireplace accessories, musket tools, trekking supplies, and house hardware. His site is complete with prices and pictures.

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