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Jun 1999/Jul 1999 Volume 4, Number 3


A message from the publisher

In the spring of 2000, the NMLRA withdrew support for Muzzle Blasts Online and the electronic publication ceased adding content.

One of the founder's and current owner has chosen, at his personal expense, to maintain the content for the benefit of the blackpowder community.

Please enjoy.

Editor's Welcome

We've picked several good articles to share with you in this issue. Our cover story gives information on how to choose period correct eyewear. Roland Cadle shares hints on fashioning a powder horn in the manner of a commercial horn producer in centuries past in "Adventures with Jack Horner". For those interested in the history of how barrel rolling came about, H. J. Swinney's article on Gun Iron and Mild Steel gives some insight. A product review on the KaDooty muzzleloading tool is included in this issue. "Web Blasts" is a popular column in our paper magazine and after many requests, we have decided to post several columns from previous months in the e-zine. Rounding out the June/July 1999 issue of Muzzle Blasts Online are two short articles describing the giveaway guns and accoutrements for the 1999 Gunmakers Hall and Primitive Range Giveaways. Tickets for these fine rifles can be printed out and sent to the address listed in the articles.

Remember that the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association will be holding the National Championship Matches at the Walter Cline Range in Friendship, Indiana in September this year. The dates of the competition are September 11-19. There will be an exhibit in the NMLRA Museum on Old Time Chunk Guns and Match Rifles by guest curator Ron Borron. The Museum is open September 11-18, 1999 daily from 1-3 EST. Be sure and stop by if you are in the area.

--Terri Trowbridge

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