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Jun 1999/Jul 1999 Volume 4, Number 3

Web Blasts
The NMLRA board is for muzzleloading and affairs of the NMLRA.
1999 Great North American Rendezvous at the 1756 British Fort Loudon, located one mile east of village of Fort Loudon, in Southern Pennsylvania. Looking for a place to go this September? Check it out!
The American Artillery Association, Inc. "At present our active membership extends from Ohio to Maine and about as far south as Maryland. We would love to hear from other groups." With six to seven competitions each year beginning in the spring and ending in the fall, you can really have a blast! (Get it?)
This Week In North American Indian History. This is an excellent web site with thousands of bits of history waiting for you. It comes recommended by the History Channel.
The French and Indian War Magazine On-Line. Hundreds of links to local English and French units plus countless other things to see and do.
Custom Quillwork And Wampum. Check out Minx & Timís Camp for some beautiful examples of their quillwork.
Publications and Associations page. If you are looking for the address to enactment-related magazines or associations this is the place to look. Print it out for future reference.
A Brief History of Quilting. This page is useful to old-time crafts people, and I think many of you will enjoy it. There are lots of quilting links.
Powderburnerís Homestead is the web site of John Michael Parrott. He has some interesting and humorous tales as well as listing the rendezvous around the Midwest. An added pleasure is the fine period music on each page.
The 23rd NMLRA Eastern Primitive Rendezvous web site is waiting for you. The gathering of the 23rd EPR in West Virginia will provide challenging primitive shooting, knife and hawk, and archery events for all. Check it out!
North Carolina Muzzleloading Association. Check out their web site for product and services reviews, news and articles, shoot schedules, and more.
Looking for a good club in Southeastern Indiana? Check out the web page of the Fish Creek Longrifles of North Vernon, Indiana, for shoot dates and club news.
The Official Rules Governing the Scottish Highland Games in North America. Attention all Scots! Here are the official rules to the highland games, complete with diagrams. Bookmark it or print it out!
Chief Little Turtle, War Chief of the Miami Nation, inflicted the worst defeat ever suffered by the U.S. Army at the hands of native Americans. This website has a brief history and links to other related sites.
Ken Scott, maker of fine American frontier hunting pouches, has an excellent assortment of authentic handmade leather bags. All are museum quality and would add to any persona. Check out his site for prices and great photos.
Gary Fautheree, a.k.a. The Leatherman, offers quality traditionally styled products for reenactors and sportsmen alike. He has an excellent selection of shoulder bags, belt bags, holsters, quivers, and many other hand crafted items. The images are very sharp for easy viewing.
"Since 1965, William (Bill) Kennedy has collected and specialized in the restoration and recreating of antique firearms...All are fully researched and recreated in our shop in the style of the original firearms. For the builder, we offer component parts, castings, and barrels as well as custom finished pistols for the collector, shooter, and reenactor."
Grande Armee Military Antiques. If you are looking to buy an original muzzleloading pistol or want pictures for reproduction ideas, check out this web site.

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