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Dec 1997/Jan 1998 Volume 2, Number 6

Muzzleloading News

Editor's note:  In an effort to keep our readership informed about the new products available to muzzleloading enthusiasts, as well as newsworthy events within the muzzleloading and reenactment communities, Muzzle Blasts Online will regularly publish press-release information from manufacturers, foundations, and other sources.

Association and Muzzle Loading News

Black Powder Hall of Fame

Applications for the 1998 Black Powder Hall of Fame must be received at the NMLRA office by March 1, 1998 (not postmarked March 1st). The address is P.O. Box 67, Friendship, IN 47021. If you prefer, you may fax the application to Amy at (812) 667-5136 on or before March 1, 1998. Applications received after the March 1st deadline will not be eligible.

To obtain applications or information concerning the Black Powder Hall of Fame, contact Amy at (812) 667-5131.

1998 NMLRA Postal Matches

by Rick Rork, Postal Match Committee Chairman

By now, most of the regular shoots have ended, hunting season is over, and about the only thing left to do is oil our guns, sit by the fire, and wait for spring. Wrong! It's time for the second annual NMLRA National Postal Matches.

If you participated in last year's shoot you will find the only thing different this year is the selection of targets. Format changes, such as separate ladies and juniors matches, were considered for 1998 but, without input from participants, it was decided not to implement such changes at this time. Therefore, in order to gather such input, a voluntary questionnaire will be enclosed in this year's target packets. Information gathered as a result of these questionnaires will be used to maintain the NMLRA National Postal Matches as a quality shooting experience as well as to implement future improvements.

The National Postal Matches will be open to all members. Competition will consist of a four target, 200 point offhand rifle aggregate, or, if you choose, a three target, 260 point pistol aggregate. Competitors may use any safe muzzleloading rifle that can be shot offhand, either traditional or modern in-line. Projectiles may be roundball, bullet, or saboted bullet. Pistol competition is open to all safe muzzleloading pistols and percussion revolvers. Sights in both cases will allow any metallic sight, which would include the use of peep type sights. No telescopic sights will be allowed.

Distances for the rifle aggregate will be 25, 50, and 100 yards. Distances for the pistol aggregate will be 25 and 50 yards. All competitors will be required to score their own targets and fill out their own score sheet. Shooters whose score sheets indicate they are competing for one of the top positions will have their targets re-scored by members of the postal match committee. First, second, and third place winners will be chosen for each of the nine NMLRA regions and their names will be published in Muzzle Blasts. The top three winners overall will receive a national medal.

For those who wish to compete in the National Postal Matches, a registration form appears below. A copy of the registration form may be used as long as your signature and that of your witness are original. For the $5.00 registration fee, the competitor will receive a packet containing targets, rules and instructions, a score sheet, scoring instructions, and a return envelope. However, the cost of the return postage on the targets and score sheets will be the responsibility of the competitor. Registration will be open until March 31, 1998. All targets and score sheets returned for entry must be postmarked by May 31, 1998.

In-Line Muzzleloading Rifle Owners
Voluntary Recall Notice

Connecticut Valley Arms (CVA) announces a voluntary recall of In-Line Muzzleloading Rifles manufactured in 1995 and 1996.

This voluntary recall is due to the occurrence of very severe accidents when using the rifles manufactured during that period which never happened before. Although its cause is not yet known, it creates extremely dangerous conditions and a potential for serious injury when firing the rifle.

To identify your rifle as one affected by the voluntary recall, read the serial number on the barrel opposite the side of the bolt. If the last two digits are 95 or 96, we will send you a replacement barrel.

To receive your replacement barrel, at no charge, please call our VOLUNTARY RECALL HOTLINE at 1-800-482-3470. You must have the complete serial number of your gun when you call us.

When you receive your replacement barrel, CVA will also send you a step-by-step instruction sheet on how to remove and transfer the parts from the existing barrel to the replacement barrel.

We apologize for any inconvenience. At CVA, customer safety and satisfaction always come first!

Robert Hickey,
President, CVA

Muzzle Loading News

I have one of Kevin Dougherty's fine hard airlines gun cases (Firelocker, Station Square, 45 Lewis St., Binghamton, New York 13901; check his ads in Muzzle Blasts). Recently it took its first flight, and I am pleased to report that the case and contents came through totally unscathed. The case is large enough for practically any long gun and plenty of accessories. On my recent trip, I found myself in the position of sleeping one night on a floor. I removed the foam liner from my gun case and used it as a sleeping pad; it was quite satisfactory, and I spent a passably comfortable night. There's another benefit from using a hard airlines case!

The Muzzle Blasts office recently received for review a copy of S.P. Fjestad's Blue Book of Gun Values (Blue Book Publications, 8009 34th Ave. South, Suite 175, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55425; ISBN 1-886768-08-0. Order @ $27.95 at 1-800-8774867). At over 1400 pages, this is a most comprehensive and useful volume. It focuses primarily on modern cartridge firearms (which no doubt interest many Muzzle Blasts readers), but also contains about eighty pages listing values of reproduction black powder firearms.

Harbark McLoughlin, humorist and artist known to many through his contributions to Field and Stream, has published a hilarious parody of the outdoor literature genre entitled Hook and Bullet (NY: Lyons and Burford, 1996; ISBN1-55821-316-3). The author's humorous barbs are directed at hunting, fishing, archery, and even muzzleloading (witness the ad for Haphazard's Powder Company). Fine art work makes this a truly impressive one-man project. It will appeal to anyone who enjoys the outdoor pursuits and a good laugh.

Read this letter to George Shumway from Andy and Billy at Kettle Falls Elementary School in Washington: " [Our] class next year will build a Tennessee style rifle and a wall gun. There are six people in our group. We set up a Fur Trade camp (seven different tents and shelters) and stay overnight one week toward the end of May. We also will brain-tan some whitetail and mule deer hides, shoot our Jaeger rifle we're building and the bullets we cast up last week.I think we are the only class in the state that builds guns, eats buffalo tongue, and has contests to build fires with our flint and steels on the sidewalk. Some days we throw our hawk. We cut up the sod when we have fires to cook on the playground and then replace it when we're done. Our 4th grade teacher says, 'that's so the Nez Perce won't discover us.' right!" Sounds to me like teacher Dwight Morgan is doing a wonderful job with those youngsters!

NMLRA Field Rep. and blacksmith Tom Muschlitz of The Mountain Forge (1561 Skeet Club Rd., High Point, NC 27265; see his Muzzle Blasts ads) makes many fine folding utensils for trekkers and rendezvous devotees. He's noted for his Revolutionary period folding frying pan, and has introduced a series of individually crafted folding knives and eating utensils.

Member Mike Beathe (3214 East 106 St. N., Sperry, Oklahoma) is also a bladesmith and blacksmith. I was recently drawn to his display which included hand-made knives, Native American flutes, and rawhide-wrapped gourd canteens--all high-quality and out-of-the ordinary items.

CCI has notified Muzzle Blasts of its introduction of a No.11 magnum cap with a 23% hotter flash. It helps ignition with black powder substitutes and with firearms that have a long flash channel. More information is available by calling 1-800-627-3640.

TRADITIONAL FLINT RIFLE TEAM SHOOT: Every year five-person teams from the Northeastern states get together to compete in offhand matches for traditional flintlock rifle. Maine is a powerhouse and perennial winner. Each year, the gap seems to narrow a bit, and this September it turned into a real horse race. Check out the team totals: Maine, 806; New York, 805; Vermont, 802; Massachusetts, 730; New Hampshire, 650. That's the way an exciting match should turn out, with evenly matched teams and a cliff-hanger outcome. Connecticut, which has yet to field a team, could shake things up a bit if they assembled some of their good flint shooters.

Your editor, Eric A. Bye, would appreciate corresponding with anyone who owns a double rifle by A.M. Hagadorn of Detroit. He owns one which lacks sights and want to find out what the original sights might have looked like.

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