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Oct 1997/Nov 1997 Volume 2, Number 5

1997 National Territorial Report

Top 10 List & Top Gun Winners

Congratulations to all of the top ten winners and many thanks to all of you who participated in the 1997 Territorial.

The coming year will have a few changes in the format. Any state that wishes to have more than one territorial may do so. Pleases contact: Tip Curits, P.O. Box 203, Cross Plains, TN 37049, for approval of location.

There will be a four match sub-junior aggregate and a four match junior aggregate. Metals will be given in these aggregates as all other aggregates. I have added a smoothbore aggregate with no rear sight, 54 cal. minimum, flint only, single pull trigger. The smoothbore aggregate we had last year will be called ``sighted smoothbore aggregate.'' Both aggregates will have one animal target. All smoothbore guns will have mandatory inspection before entering the match.

Another new rule in the Territorial matches will require all competitors to turn their targets in after each relay except for matches that require two consecutive relays. Failure to do so will disqualify the target for that relay. These rules are the same as we use in our national matches.

The purpose of the Territorial matches is to give competitors national competition and national top ten recognition. Each competitor has a chance to earn the top gun patch each year. The top gun program introduced in 1996 has been a challenge to many of you.

The top gun program is as follows: scores are recorded in each aggregate category at the end of the year. The top ten scores are compiled in order. The person with the highest score in each category wins the top gun patch. The more matches a competitor competes in the US and Canada as many times as you wish will give you a better chance to compile a higher score in the top ten list. If you are in first position at the end of the year, you will receive top gun in that aggregate and ten points toward overall top gun. Second will receive nine points, third will receive eight points, etc. The more aggregates a competitor shoots will give them a better chance to compile a higher amount of points. Remember this is for men and ladies for overall top gun.

Ladies, the more aggregates you shoot, even in the aggregates that are not listed for ladies, will qualify you for the overall ladies top gun. Although you have to be in the top then in that category at the end of the year. There are quite a few lady bench, pistol, and even smoothbore competitors out there, so ladies get your guns and shoot these matches. They are for you also.

Overall Top Gun Winners

This year overall men's top gun was J.L. Hargis from Illinois. He had a first in one gun, first in hunters, second in X-stick, third in musket, third in flint, fourth in bench and seventh in offhand with a total of 56 points. H.P. Gregory with 37 points placed second. Good shooting for a great pair of competitors.

Ladies overall top gun was repeat winner Sharron Smith with a score of 24 points. Sharron had a super ladies aggregate with a score of 187 for first, (two points higher than her last years score). She placed third in the ladies offhand. This lady also shoots smoothbore and finished in the top ten with a fifth place score of 154 2X. That is fantastic shooting, Sharron. ``Ladies'' we need more shooting. Sharron needs more competition! Marnie McCausland was second with 15 points. Marnie, keep up the good shooting!

Top Gun Aggregate Winners

H.P. Gregory, West Virginia, was top gun in offhand with a 183 2X.

H.P. Gregory, West Virginia, was top gun in offhand with a 183 2X.

H.P. Gregory, West Virginia, was top gun in offhand with a 183 2X. This is one point higher than last year's winner. H.P. has the talent for raising aggregate scores. Good shooting, H.P.!

Ed Dennis, Michigan, was top gun in flint with 183 3X. This score is also one point higher than last years top score. This is a great score for offhand flint shooting. Congratulations, Ed!

Don Warner, Ohio, was top gun in bench with a score of 197 7X. Don is one of the most respected bench competitors in the country and has set many records at Friendship in all muzzleloading competition. Also, his entire family and grandchildren will give anyone strong competition on the lines. Good shooting, Don!

Stan Foster, Illinois, was top gun in musket with a 266 3X. We would like to see more shooting like that at Friendship, Stan. (How about it?) Congratulations on a great musket score.

J.L. Harris, Illinois, was top gun in one gun with a 188 3X and top gun in the hunters aggregate with 179 6X. J.L. is the best ``Marathon'' competitor I have ever seen. J.L. sets a trend that a lot of competitors would like to achieve. J.L., congratulations on a great year of competition in the territorial.

Phil Davidson, Michigan, was top gun in X-stick with a 194 5X. It sure looks like the Michigan competitors were out for blood in this years aggregate winners. Good shooting, Phil!

Sharron Smith, Michigan, was our ladies top gun in ladies aggregate with a score of 187.

Sharron Smith, Michigan, was our ladies top gun in ladies aggregate with a score of 187.

Sharron Smith, Michigan, was our ladies top gun in ladies aggregate with a score of 187 which is one point higher than last years score. It would be hard to put into words the accomplishments Sharron has done for competition and promotion for the NMLRA. Sharron and Guy, many thanks for the work and support you have contributed to the territorial program. Congratulations on great shooting!

Jeremy Franklin, Alabama, was junior top gun this year with a score of 130. Good shooting, Jeremy!

Bill Carmichael, Tennessee, and Ed Wintermute, Ohio, tied for the top gun in skeet with a score of 46 birds. This is the first year for a 50 bird aggregate in skeet. This is great shooting, congratulations!

Jackie Truelove, Indiana, was top gun in trap with a perfect score of 50. This is the first year for a 50 bird trap aggregate, also. Jackie, when I put the 50 bird aggregate in the program, I predicted one of the Jasper shooters would break a perfect score and you were on my mind. You are a great competitor, congratulations!

Norman Ensley, Ohio, was top gun in pistol with a 291 10X. This score is 4 points higher than last years top score. This is a great score for pistol competition, which is only two points off the Territorial record at Friendship. Congratulations on a super pistol aggregate!

Bill Koppos, New York, was top gun in the primitive aggregate with a score of 174. This tied last years score. Good shooting, Bill!

Sub-junior top gun is Mike Blazier, Pennsylvania, with a score of 100 9X.

Sub-junior top gun is Mike Blazier, Pennsylvania, with a score of 100 9X.

This year's sub-junior top gun is Mike Blazier, Pennsylvania, with a score of 100 9X. Followed by Mary Taylor, Alabama, with 100 8X, Tracy Torrance, Louisiana, 100 7X, Brittany Warner, Ohio, 100 6X, Richard Albright, Arizona, 100 5X, Charles Kuhns, Pennsylvania, 100 5X and Kyle Warner, Ohio, 100 4X. Never in the Territorial history has there been such good competition in the sub-junior class. To all of you sub-juniors, we all congratulate you for your great shooting.

David Scheid, Oregon, won top gun in the sighted smoothbore aggregate with a score of 166. Good shooting, David!

Chad Cleland, Ohio, was top gun in the unlimited longhunter aggregate with a score of 189 1X. This was nine points higher than last year. Chad this is the best unlimited scores I have ever seen on any of the targets fired on. Super good shooting, Chad!

Marnie McCausland, Ohio, was top gun in ladies offhand with a score of 172 1X. Marnie was second last year in this aggregate but 1997 was your year in this aggregate. Congratulations to a great shooter!

The 1997 Territorial attendance was down early in the year, due to the bad weather we encountered this spring. Later in the year, clubs with good weather had larger attendance than last year,. Because of this reason, we were down 190 competitors and 413 aggregates sold totaling $2,767.10 difference in revenue from last year. Total gross revenue this year was $33,982.60 with $14,560.00 going to host clubs and $19,422.60 going to the NMLRA. This is still $1,670.20 higher than we had in gross revenue in 1995. On the brighter side, we signed up 268 new members in the Territorial matches for 1997.

The Territorial matches are our memberships chance to compete on a national level. Let us take this opportunity and challenge to participate in the 1998 territorial matches. If so, you will probably be one of the top ten members next year or maybe top gun? See you somewhere at the territorial!

1997 Territorial Top Ten

Offhand Total Competitors 424
H.P. Gregory West Virginia 183 2X
Kevin Warner Ohio 183
Tim Marsh Indiana 179 3X
Elwood Cullers West Virgina 179 1X
Sam Gladden Louisiana 179
Bill Rose Ohio 177 3X
J.L. Hargis Indiana 177 1X
Robert W. Elka Michigan 176 2X
Chad Cleland Ohio 175 4X
Butch Trahan Mississippi 175 1X
Flint Total Competitors 315
Ed Dennis Michigan 183 3X
H.P. Gregory West Virginia 182 5X
J.L. Hargis Illinois 182 1X
Elwood Cullers West Virginia 177 3X
Bob Pollock, Jr. Pennsylvania 177 2X
Harry Marsh Kentucky 176 1X
Sam Gladden Arizona 174
Bruce Henninger Idaho 174
Zane Kent Alabama 173 3X
Chad Cleland Ontario 173 3X
Richard Marsh Kentucky 173
Andy Larson Texas-West 172 2X
Bench Total Competitors 156
Don Warner Ohio 197 7X
Randy Kuhns Pennsylvania 195 6X
Roy Felix Michigan 194 6X
J.L. Hargis Illinois 193 7X
Jim O'Conner Massachusetts 193 6X
Ken Laverty California 193 5X
Anthony Capriglione New York 193 3X
Michael Wengert Maryland 192 5X
Jim Goodoien South Dakota 192 3X
Roy Scott Pennsylvania 191 5X
Doug Scott Indiana 191 5X
Musket Total Competitors 158
Stan Foster Illinois 266 3X
Elwood Cullers West Virginia 261 3X
J.L. Hargis Indiana 259
Frank Collins Texas-West 256 1X
Ray Druen Pennsylvania 254 4X
Richard Lewis Tennessee 254 1X
Errol McLean New York 253 3X
H.P. Gregory West Virginia 253 1X
Don Henson Oregon 253
Joseph Emanuele New York 251 1X
One Gun Total Competitors 174
J.L. Hargis Illinois 188 3X
David Scheid Arizona 186 3X
Kevin Warner Ohio 181 1X
H.P. Gregory West Virginia 180 1X
Mark Dehaase Missouri 179 1X
Andy Larson Texas-West 176 2X
Nelson Simonds New York 176 1X
Anthony Capriglione New York 176 1X
Ron Alback Texas-West 173 2X
Elwood Cullers West Virginia 173 1X
Johney Middlebrook Texas-West 173
X-Sticks Total Competitors 182
Phil Davidson Michigan 194 5X
J.L. Hargis Illinois 193 3X
Nelson Simonds New Hampshire 192 3X
Dan Hale Pennsylvania 190 7X
James Goodoien South Dakota 190 5X
Mondale Nash Arizona 189 5X
Gary Waller Louisiana 189 5X
Don Lemker Oregon 189 5X
Lowell Crane Indiana 188 7X
Rodney Ingram North Carolina 188 5X
Tim Taylor Tennessee 188 5X
Richard Fisher Ohio 188 3X
Jean Reimer South Dakota 188 1X
Ladies Total Competitors 94
Sharron Smith Michigan 187
Elaine Brown Ontario 185 2X
Shannon McLean New York 184 2X
Shirle Leggett Arizona 181 2X
Bonnie Solovan Texas-West 181 1X
Marnie McCausland Ohio 180 1X
Ann Reed West Virginia 179
Tara Manzer New York 177 3X
Gerry Rubbo Pennsylvania 177
Vivian Moore Ontario 176 1X
Sub-Juniors Total Competitors 60
Mike Blazier Pennsylvania 100 9X
Mary Amelia Taylor Alabama 100 8X
Tray Torrance Louisiana 100 7X
Brittany Warner Ohio 100 6X
Richard Albright Arizona 100 5X
Charles Kuhns Pennsylvania 100 5X
Kyle Warner Ohio 100 4X
Justin Bradley Mississippi 99 9X
Jared Stanfield Tennessee 99 3X
Miranda Bergman Arizona 99 2X
Matt Schlick Montana 98 5X
Hunters Total Competitors 314
J.L. Hargis Illinois 179 6X
Richard Dagenais Maryland 178 3X
H.P. Gregory West Virginia 175 3X
Nathan Brown Pennsylvania 171 1X
Matt Miller Michigan 169 2X
Bill Disbro Indiana 164
Tim Marsh Kentucky 163 2X
Ken Earnest Tennessee 163
Sam Gladden Tennessee 161 3X
John Murray Utah 161 1X
Bob Pollock, Jr. Pennsylvania 161 1X
Smoothbore Total Competitors 113
David Scheid Oregon 166
Tip Curtis Arizona 165
Wade Moffett Maine 165
Larry Williams Utah 160 1X
Guy R. Smith Illinois 159 1X
Sharron Smith Pennsylvania 154 2X
K.M. Lofy Wisconsin 154
Jack Henson Texas-West 153 3X
Alva Baker Texas-West 153 2X
Laurie Brown Oregon 153
Kirk Mathew California 151
Unlimited Total Competitors 163
Chad Cleland Ohio 189 1X
David Scheid Idaho 173
Richard Dagenais Maryland 168
Ralph Miller Texas-West 164 2X
Steve Demarco New York 164 1X
Bob Pollock, Jr. Pennsylvania 164
Sidney Poor Missouri 164
Bill Rose Ohio 163
Kurt Williams Arizona 162 2X
Sam Gladden Tennessee 160 1X
Jack Henson Texas-West 158
J. Middlebrook Texas-West 158
Junior Total Competitors 61
Jeremy Franklin Alabama 130
Helen Wadley Idaho 129
Erik Berggren New York 124
Dawn Stanfield Alabama 122 2X
Jim Whiteside Missouri 122 2X
Matt Manhard North Carolina 122
Joe Ash Wisconsin 122
Jacob Canterbury Alabama 120 1X
Morgan Steger California 120 1X
Ryan Van Nuys Pennsylvania 120 1X
Dusty Powers Arizona 119 2X
Eric Bass Mississippi 115
Jonathan Williams Alabama 114 1X
Russell Kapping South Dakota 112
Skeet Total Competitors 61
Bill Carmichael Tennessee 46
Ed Wintermute Ohio 46
Donald Wells Indiana 45
Al Mactavish Ohio 44
Al Schroder Missouri 44
Marty King Michigan 43
Pat King Ohio 43
Bruce Ogilvie Alabama 42
Bill Irons Michigan 42
Colin Mullins Indiana 42
Clyde Rice Iowa 41
Jackson Littleton Oregon 40
Harry Sparks Tennessee 39
Kenny Moore West Virginia 39
Tim Taylor Alabama 38
Paul Mercer Michigan 38
Sam Gladden Alabama 36
Owen Collins Tennessee 36
Charles Carman Tennessee 36
Dean Borders Iowa 36
Trap Total Competitors 134
Jackie Truelove Indiana 50
Mike Moore Texas-East 48
James Mathis Ohio 48
Rex Snelling Texas-West 47
Jerald Sendelweck Tennessee 46
Charles Carman Tennessee 46
Lowell Tennyson Iowa 46
Eugene Rheem Tennessee 45
Mike Watson Michigan 45
Tom Veale Texas-West 45
Harry Hauch Michigan 44
Brian Lloyd Ohio 44
David Pierce Texas-West 44
Joann Rheem Tennessee 43
Gary Ragatz Iowa 43
Ron Fernwalt Michigan 42
Ray Carrico Iowa 42
Ken Lenz Illinois 42
Daniel Alexander Indiana 42
Bob Mongan Michigan 41
Bruce Lloyd Ohio 41
Kenneth Adair Texas-West 41
Randall Judy Indiana 41
Clyde Rice Tennessee 40
Don Daugherty West Virginia 40
Andy Larson Texas-West 40
Pistol Total Competitors 217
Norman Ensley Ohio 291 10X
Charles Lewis Maryland 283 11X
Charles Garvey Tennessee 282 6X
Michael Amico Maryland 281 10X
Sam Gladden Mississippi 281 7X
Steve Cobb Alabama 281 5X
Larry Baird Tennessee 281 4X
Scott Mings Indiana 281 3X
Dan Hardman North Carolina 280 8X
Richard Lewis Tennessee 280 6X
Primitive Total Competitors 126
Bill Koppos New York 174
Steven Freede Arizona 164
Glen Hildebrand Arizona 158
Terry Wilkerson Ohio 154
Mondell Nash Idaho 152
Fred Newcomb Arizona 151
Nathan Sell Ohio 149 1X
Wes O'Dell Michigan 149
Rusty McGhee Arizona 148
Darrell Serrett West Virginia 148
Kirk Mathew Arizona 147
Ladies Offhand Total Competitors 107
Marnie McCausland Ohio 172 1X
Connie Ratliff Utah 170
Sharron Smith Michigan 169 1X
Laurie Brown Oregon 164 1X
Ann Reed West Virginia 163 1X
Sherry Pennell Arizona 160
Connie Bowman Utah 159 3X
Janine Miln Ontario 158 2X
Gerry Rubbo Pennsylvania 158
Vivian Moore Ontario 157

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