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May/June 1997 Volume 2, Number 3

1996 NMLRA Black Powder Hall of Fame Winners

Merrill Deer

Charlie Haffner

Turner Kirtland

Virgil Hartley

A proposal for a Black Powder Hall of Fame for outstanding members of the NMLRA was unanimously passed by the Board of Directors in 1994. The first nominees to receive the honors were Roy ``Pa'' Keeler, W.A. ``Bill'' Carver, and posthumously, Red Farris and Roland Harper. The screening committee is allowed to present not more than four living and four posthumous names for approval in any year. Any nominee not approved can be resubmitted for consideration in future years. A set of recommendations and requirements accompanies each Hall of Fame application. Name and membership numbers are required for the nominator and endorsee. The deadline for submitting applications is March 1st of each year. Nominees who are approved by the Board of Directors will be honored at the general membership meeting in June of each year.

In 1996, one deceased and four living members were admitted by the Board. Since the June shoot was canceled because of the flood, the awards were conferred in September at the general membership meeting. This issue of Muzzle Blasts was chosen to highlight the Black Powder Hall of Fame, and last year's recipients grace the cover.

A competitive shooter, past president, former public relations chairman, organizer, and dedicated NMLRA member, Merrill P. Deer is well known throughout the black powder fraternity.

Charles Haffner, Sr. is a seven-time national champion and still holds the national record of 100-4X in the 25 yard flintlock timed fire. He has contributed greatly to the NMLRA and is highly respected in the black powder community.

Turner Kirkland (founder of Dixie Gun Works) is considered one of our country's most influential promoters of black powder shooting. For over 49 years, he has actively promoted the sport of black powder competition and hunting.

Virgil Hartley, posthumously inducted into the Hall of Fame, was a range officer, pistol shooter, and builder of pistols, rifles, shotguns, and fine knives. He didn't set any records, but he counseled and directed others, influenced newcomers, and was held in high esteem by his fellow members.

Cut from the same cloth as Red Farris, as some might say, and a true and dedicated lady of the NMLRA, Maxine Moss has long competed, implemented, defended, and promoted black powder sports and competition. She is known throughout the United States and the world for her guidance and tireless efforts on behalf of the NMLRA.

The NMLRA is not the largest shooting organization, but we do have some of the finest people to associate with, and they deserve the recognition the NMLRA Black Powder Hall of Fame bestows upon them. They were shooters, contributors, guides, and examples of our heritage and the values of the NMLRA.

We will be announcing and honoring the new 1997 Black Powder Hall of Fame inductees at the general membership meeting during the National Championship Shoot in June. Please make plans to attend the general membership meeting in the barn on Friday, June 20, 1997.

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