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January 1997 Volume 2, Number 1

Editor's note:  The events listed on this page were provided to the Publisher at the time of this edition's publication. As time passes, the events are maintained here for historical reference. For the most up to date calendar of events please refer to: Calendar of Events.

1997 NMLRA National Rendezvous Schedule

1997 Southeastern Rendezvous

March 22-30, Wetumpka, Alabama

Fort Toulouse/Fort Jackson

Booshway: Jeff Cross; (334) 222-5843.

1997 Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous

July 12-20, Metowee Valley near Pawlet,Vermont

Booshway: Bruce R. Rodd; (802) 645-9937.

1997 Midwest Primitive Rendezvous

June 22-28, Mercer County, Missouri

Booshway: Larry Harp; H(816) 748-3440; W(816) 748-3231.

Co-Booshway: Billy V. Fisher; H(816) 382-5859; W(816) 382-4632.

1997 Pacific National Primitive Rendezvous

June 7-15, Nevada

Booshway: Keith McClenahan; (702) 645-1498.

1997 California Primitive Rendezvous

June 20-29, California

Booshway: Simon I. Dias; (909) 473-0363.

1997 High Plains Rendezvous

June 14-21, Oxford, Kansas

Booshway: Don Arnott; (316) 522-6585.

1997 Eastern Primitive Rendezvous

August 22-30, New York

Allegheny National Forest, Allegheny State Park, New York

Booshway: Jim Morrison; (814) 489-7405.

1997 Old Northwest Territory Primitive Rendezvous

July 4-13, LaPort, Indiana

Booshway: Jack Powell; (309) 249-4281.

Co-Booshway: Terry Harris; (219) 586-3577.

1997 Western National Rendezvous

July 5-14, Colorado

Booshway: Jim Campbell; (303) 621-2411.

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