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January 1997 Volume 2, Number 1

News From the Nationals

Thanks goes out to member Bruce DeSilva for giving his time to bring Boy Scout Troop #375, from the Athens, Ohio area, down to Friendship for an overnight camp and tour of the National Championship Shoot. The scouts were able to shoot at the beginner's bench and observe the championship technique of hawk and knife throwing from Steve Baxter.

Member Jeff Fife and his wife, Rosie, brought a few kids from Dayton, Ohio for their first trip to Friendship and the pre-1840 encampment. Rosie helped the mothers sew up some colonial outfits for the kids.

Encampment Photos Encampment Photos Encampment Photos Encampment Photos

Thanks to blacksmith Tom Kelly, Pat Green, Jack Huss, Diane and Dave Chambers, the ``Basket Man'' Chuck Ziegler, and the very helpful Dalton Halbrook. The kids had a rewarding visit. Tom Schiffer and his able assistants, Chad and Marnie, did a terrific job on the beginner's bench.

Alan Eckert Alan Eckert, the famous historical narrative writer, was pleased with his shooting abilities at the beginner's bench, along with the ladies from the Books & Co. of Dayton, Ohio, who accompanied Mr. Eckert during the book signing. Books & Co. graciously donated an autographed copy of, ``That Dark and Bloody River,'' Eckert's latest book, for the NMLRA library. Thanks to Mark Silver and Dick Harn, for the use of Gunmaker's Hall for the book signing.

Joe Orlando, and his video man, Paul, were on hand from WLKY-TV, located in Louisville, Kentucky, to do a series on the foreign members who attended our National Fall Shoot. Joe and Paul do a great job for the NMLRA.

CBS News Shoot Helen Brown, from CBS Network News, was down for the first time. As a native inner-city New Yorker, she was surprised to learn that muzzleloading enthusiasts dress differently and come from all walks of life. She also realized that they are really intelligent and sensitive, solid people.

Claude Willoughby

Hall of Fame Inductees Five great ones were honored Friday evening at the General Membership Meeting. Those inducted for 1996 into the Black Powder Hall of Fame were Merrill P. Deer, Charles Haffner, Sr., Turner Kirkland, Maxine Moss, and Virgil Hartley, who took the posthumous award. Also, Claude Willoughby was recognized for being the oldest member of the board of directors and as the oldest competitor. The new Executive Committee was presented also.

We had some rain and the nights were cool, but it was a good, safe shoot. Thanks again to everyone who helped out with the visitors, news media, and special guests. With members like you folks, the Public Relations Committee has an easier job and pleasant tasks.

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