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January 1997 Volume 2, Number 1

NMLRA® National Postal Matches

Last March, an interesting letter from Dr. David Fisher, of Indiana, appeared in the Letters to the Editor column of Muzzle Blasts. In it, Dr. Fisher proposed the formation of a national postal shoot, based on the honor system, which would enable members to compete with one another locally, without the necessity of traveling to Friendship or other distant locations.

Soon after this letter appeared, the Muzzle Blasts office started receiving letters and E-mail in support of this concept. As a result of this input from our members, the NMLRA National Postal Matches are now a reality.

The National Postal Matches will be open to all members. Competition will consist of a four target, 200 point offhand rifle aggregate, or, if you choose, a three target, 300 point pistol aggregate. Competitors may use any safe muzzleloading rifle that can be shot offhand, either traditional or modern in-line. Projectiles may be roundball, bullet, or saboted bullet. Pistol competition is open to all safe muzzleloading pistols and percussion revolvers. Sights in both cases will allow any metallic sight, which would include the use of peep type sights. No telescopic sights will be allowed.

Distances for the rifle aggregate will be 25, 50, and 100 yards. Distances for the pistol aggregate will be 25 and 50 yards. All competitors will be required to score their own targets and fill out their own score sheet. Shooters whose score sheets indicate they are competing for one of the top positions will have their targets re-scored by members of the postal match committee. First, second, and third place winners will be chosen for each of the nine NMLRA regions and their names will be published in Muzzle Blasts. The top three winners overall will receive a national medal.

For those who wish to compete in the National Postal Matches, a registration form is printed in the February issue of Muzzle Blasts or you can write to the NMLRA office at P.O. Box 67, Friendship, Indiana 47021. A copy of the registration form may be used as long as your signature and that of your witness are original. For the $5.00 registration fee, the competitor will receive a packet containing targets, rules and instructions, a score sheet, scoring instructions, and a return envelope. However, the cost of the return postage on the targets and score sheets will be the responsibility of the competitor. Registration will be open until March 31, 1997. All targets and score sheets returned for entry must be postmarked by May 31, 1997.

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