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November 1996 Volume 1, Number 4

Muzzleloading News

Editor's note:  In an effort to keep our readership informed about the new products available to muzzleloading enthusiasts, as well as newsworthy events within the muzzleloading and reenactment communities, Muzzle Blasts Online will regularly publish press-release information from manufacturers, foundations, and other sources.

Super Outdoors
Preserving our outdoor heritage through today's youth. Super Outdoors is a full color, full sized magazine written especially for kids who love outdoors sports. Each picture filled issue features kids enjoying the outdoors, including personal profiles about youthful outdoors men. Informative, entertaining articles are written and illustrated by topnotch outdoor writers and photographers. There are stories about conserving our natural resources, tips for safe hunting and fishing, and exciting outdoor adventures that involve youths. Kids will also find reviews of books with outdoor stories and will be kept up to date on products designed for them. Each issue is packed with fun activities, puzzles, funny cartoon characters, and a contest!

``Super Outdoors has a mission,'' says editor in chief Suzie Allard. ``We want children to discover the beauty and excitement of the outdoors. Super Outdoors strives to share this youthful enthusiasm for adventure, and help youths better understand responsible wilderness management. The youth of today will be responsible for the wilderness of tomorrow. Super Outdoors wants to help maintain these important outdoor traditions.''

Super Outdoors is published bimonthly, and also has special issues in the spring and fall. To subscribe, call (800) 4046064.

Tandy Leather Company Releases Volume III of The Stohlman Saddle Making Series
Tandy Leather Company has announced the availability of Volume III of The Stohlman Encyclopedia of Saddle Making, authored by husband and wife, master leathercrafters Al and Ann Stohlman. This is the long a waited follow up to the Stohlman's first and second volumes. Volume I is 224 pages and is filled with the basics of saddle making, plus complete patterns for four saddles. Volume II is 234 pages and features the construction of one of the saddles using the patterns in Volume I. The new Volume III is 251 pages and shows how to make three saddles using the other patterns in Volume I.

``A leathercrafter needs all three volumes in order to complete each of the four saddles and gain the skills to become an accomplished saddle maker,'' said co-author Al Stohlman. ``Each saddle has a different horn, swell, cantle, skirt, and rigging style. This will broaden your knowledge and awareness of many of the variations in saddle construction.'' The Stohlman Encyclopedia of Saddle Making is the most comprehensive saddle making reference series ever published. In each volume, Al and Ann Stohlman share their decades of knowledge and experience, as well as little known tips, techniques, and never-before-revealed saddle making secrets. Each volume is filled with carefully drawn illustrations, detailed photographs, and clearly written text with step by step instructions.

Volume III is sold in two hardbound versions exclusively at Tandy Leather stores and participating dealers nationwide. There is an embossed vinyl cover edition with a decorative dust cover. Or you can go for the leather bound, gold- embossed collector's edition, numbered and signed by Al and Ann Stohlman. There is a limited number of the collector's edition.

Tandy Leather stores and participating dealers nationwide also sell a complete set of all three volumes of The Stohlman Encyclopedia of Saddle Making. The set contains an embossed vinyl cover edition of Volumes I, II, and III for a total of over 700 pages of information, instructions, photographs, and illustrations on saddle making that are unavailable anywhere else.

New Book by D.R. Corbin
Mention ``bullet swaging'' and the name Corbin is generally in the same sentence. Possibly this is because that of the eight books in print about the field, Dave Corbin wrote seven and published the other one as far back as 1975. The Corbin Handbook of Bullet Swaging, No. 8, is a completely updated edition of the previous seven versions, covering such subjects as bullet making secrets, myths and misconceptions about precision measurement, techniques for manufacturing high quality bullet jackets at home, high tech shotgun slugs and self-defense projectiles, high accuracy target bullets, paper patched bullet designs, bullet construction, and design methods and techniques. There are detailed instructions for making almost any kind of bullet you can imagine, including many that are not yet on the market.

With more than 220 pages and dozens of photographs and illustrations, The Corbin Handbook of Bullet Swaging, No. 8, gives the hand loader and shooter a good close-up look at the field of making bullets by the use of pressure rather than by pouring hot lead into moulds. This process, called ``bullet swaging,'' is the method used by every major factory and custom bullet maker, 98% of which began operation with equipment supplied by the Corbin dieworks and produced by the author and his brother, Richard. The information is firsthand from the source, and it does not balk at exposing subjects of controversy, airing behind the scenes information which might help to prevent a hand loader or shooter from being mislead by irrelevant promotional statements.

Anyone with an interest in ammunition and firearms will find this book to be a thought provoking addition to their armory of information. It is available from Dave Corbin at P.O. Box 2659, White City, Oregon 97503.

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