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November 1996 Volume 1, Number 4

Book Review

Picture Beaded Earrings for Beginners
By Starr Steil

Eagle's View Publishing,UT; 1996 ISBN 0-943604-50-8

Visit traders row at a rendezvous or pow wow and you are likely to find a wide variety of beaded earrings for sale. As a result of this popularity, craftsmen, who produce beaded earrings, are constantly in need of innovative patterns and ideas. In light of this fact, bead workers everywhere should be very pleased with a new book from Eagle's View Publishing Company, entitled ``Picture Beaded Earrings for Beginners''.

``Picture Beaded Earrings for Beginners'' begins with words of wisdom from author Starr Steil, who has been creating beadwork since 1990. She shares some insight about materials, including which thread medium is best to use in beading, and offers the reader words of encouragement. Ms. Steil has taught her beading craft to Brownie troops, school classes, and even the children in her neighborhood. Therefore, she is quite aware of the need for simple, easy-to-follow instructions. In this book, Ms. Steil's very first, readers are given step-by-step directions for making diamond shaped earrings using size 11/0 seed beads. The adding of optional ``dangles'' in either loop or straight design is also shown. From the basic diamond pattern, the author shows the reader how to create beaded pins, necklaces, and even applique pieces that can be sewn onto clothing.

Following the introduction to beaded earring basics, the author then charts fifty-three different designs, created by correct placement of different colored beads within the diamond or modified diamond pattern or shape. These designs are amazingly diverse and creative, and includes patterns for a log cabin, bells, a kite, a Viking ship, pirates, bows, a flower basket, a turtle, rainbows, cactus, a dream keeper, swans, a tepee, and various flowers.

Thirty-seven of the suggested patterns are shown completed in several, full-color illustrations at the center of the book.

``Picture Beaded Earrings for Beginners'' would be a fine addition to the library of any beading enthusiast. With its easy, step-by-step instructions and diagrams, this book is excellent for beginners. However, many of the pattern ideas will provide a challenge to the advanced crafter as well. To order a copy of this book, send $9.95 plus $1.50 for postage and handling to:


Eagle's View Publishing Company
6756 North Fork Road
Liberty, Utah 84310.

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